Huda Kattan's New Colored Contact Lenses by Diva

Huda Kattan's New Colored Contact Lenses by Diva

7th Apr 2024

Huda Kattan's (Huda Beauty) First Ever Color Contact Lenses Is A Collaboration With Diva Lenses!

In a dazzling move that's set the beauty world alight, Huda Kattan, the visionary founder of Huda Beauty, has unveiled her first-ever venture into color contact lenses, announcing an electrifying collaboration with Diva Colored Contact Lenses. Famed for her innovative beauty tutorials that have captivated millions, Huda chose Instagram, her powerhouse platform, to break the news to her eager followers, marking a significant shift from the iconic makeup creations that have become synonymous with the Huda Beauty name.

This highly anticipated venture into the realm of color contacts marks an intriguing departure from Huda Beauty's traditional offerings. Instead, it introduces a strategic alliance with Diva Lenses, a brand revered throughout the Middle East for its exceptionally natural-looking shades of brown and deep gray. This collaboration not only expands Huda's illustrious portfolio but also aligns with her commitment to pushing the boundaries of beauty and personal expression.

The collaboration between Huda Kattan, globally recognized as Huda Beauty, and Diva Lenses marks a transformative moment in the beauty industry, introducing an innovative paradigm for aesthetic enhancement that prioritizes the allure of natural beauty. This venture not only reflects Huda's dynamic growth as a pivotal beauty influencer and entrepreneur but also her dedication to expanding the reach of her brand into new, uncharted territories of the beauty landscape. The launch of four distinct shades underscores this mission, each crafted with precision to subtly accentuate the eyes' natural radiance and depth, setting a new standard for eye enhancement.

With the unveiling of this groundbreaking collection, Huda Kattan and Diva Lenses present four exquisite shades, each carefully designed to celebrate the natural splendor of the eyes with unparalleled finesse and nuance.

Diva Gala emerges as a green-hazel variant, ideal for those desiring a soft, yet impactful transformation. Its capacity to capture and reflect light makes it a stellar choice for everyday looks with a hint of enchanting hazel elegance.

Diva Lili is a deep rich hazel which complements a minimalist makeup look, enhancing the eyes with a subtle intensity that's perfect alongside neutral eyeshadows.

Diva Beton is Huda's personal favorite, is a spellbinding brown hue featuring a dark limbal ring and a starburst pattern that elegantly enlarges the iris. This design achieves a natural yet profound enhancement, embodying the collection's ethos of understated beauty.

Diva Eitan brings warmth to the collection with its inviting hazel tone, designed to enrich the eyes with a discreet splash of color. This shade merges flawlessly with the natural eye color in daylight, ensuring a glowing, captivating appearance.

This initiative broadens the spectrum of beauty innovation, making these transformative lenses accessible to a diverse audience by offering both non-prescription and prescription options. Such inclusivity ensures that the unique charm of these lenses can be enjoyed by all, regardless of vision correction needs. Available for purchase through, this collection not only fortifies Huda Kattan's legacy in pioneering beauty trends but also reaffirms her vision of embracing and enhancing natural beauty across the globe.