Blue Lenses

Blue Contacts - Transform Your Look with Blue Contact Lenses

Looking to switch your eye color to stunning shades of blue? Shop for the most natural-looking blue contacts from Luxe Lenses. Available in varied shades and patterns, we offer you premium-quality contact lenses from the renowned brands like Solotica, Anesthesia, Amara, Bella, and Cloeique. Our extensive range of blue contacts includes US FDA and Europe CE approved brands. Top brands seen on celebrities and influencers worldwide, we have contact lenses in natural colors and patterns with or without a limbal ring. 

How to Choose the Perfect Blue Contacts?

Amidst an array of blue hues of colored contacts and a diverse range of patterns available, it can get confusing to find your perfect tone of blue contact lenses. But don’t worry! Here are a few tips to help you find the most natural blue colored contacts.

  1. Plano (0.00 lenses for cosmetic color change only) or lenses with prescription power: At Luxe Lenses, you don't have to choose between vision correction and style with our colored contacts. Start by picking a shade or pattern that best fits your look. Need vision correction? Opt for our blue contact lenses with the prescription power. Use the dropdown option to select your prescription and enhance both your sight and style.
  2. Lens opacity: Decide if you want the blue colored contact lenses to completely cover your natural eye color or blend with your own pigment to create a unique look. 
    • High opacity blue contact lenses: If you have dark eyes and want to change your eye color completely, go for high opacity blue contacts like Solotica’s range of Hidrocor yearly colored contacts known for their ability to lighten even the darkest of eyes. Browse through images of dark eyed models on our website under each shade so you can see how the contact lens covers the natural dark pigments with light colored pixels.
    • Natural blue colored contact lenses: If you want the most stunning natural look, you can go for natural-colored blue contacts from Solotica Natural Colors, Bella or Cloeique. These blue contact lenses blend with your natural eye color resulting in a color that's unique to you.
    • Subtle blue color-enhancing contact lenses: If you just want to enhance your natural eye color without completely changing it, go for adark blue shade that will look slightly lighter than your natural eye color from brands like Amara, Lensme, Cloeique, and Nada Fadel.
  3. Complements your complexion: There are different shades of blue contacts so you should pick a shade that complements your skin color. Here are some suggestions:
    • Light or fair complexion: If you have a fair skin tone you can go for both light or dark blue contacts. Try Solotica Hidrocor Ice or Cloeique Flourite or Solotica Hidrocor Graphite which is a dark bluish gray.
    • Medium or tan complexion: Go for medium shades of blue contacts that are not too light or bright. You can try colors like Solotica Hidrocor Rio Ipanema, Cloeique Fluorite Luxe, and Solotica Natural Quartzo go beautifully on a medium or tan skin tone.
    • Warm or dark complexion: For those dark skin, go for blue contacts in medium to dark shades of blue like Solotica Hidrocor Graphite, Solotica Hidrocor Rio Parati, Anesthesia Addict Blue, or Nada Fadel Ocean.
  4. Complement your hair color: Blue is the color that goes with all hair colors. But you need to find the right shade of blue contacts that both match your skin and hair color. Here are some suggestions:
    • Shades of blue contacts for brown hair: If you have warm brown hair, bluish-brown to deep blue contacts are perfect. We recommend Cloeique Flourite Luxe, Anesthesia Addict Blue, or Solotica Natural Cielo.
    • Shades of blue colored contacts that go with blonde hair: For radiant eyes that go with blonde hair the possibilities are endless. Bright blue contacts can add a dramatic flair to your look. Try blue contact lenses in jewel tones like Solotica Hidrocor Topazio, Solotica Hidrocor Safira, or Anesthesia USA Miami Sapphire.
    • Best blue contacts for black hair: With neutral black or dark hair, almost any blue colored contacts can work. You can pick from deep blues, blue-greens, or any light blue to give yourself an instant dramatic makeover. We recommend Bella Bluish Gray, Cloeique Flourite Luxe, or Anesthesia Anesthetic Mar Blue.
    • Blue colored contacts that go with red hair: If you have red hair, try shades of blue contacts with a hint of green. Bluish green contacts create a beautiful contrast with red hair. Try Cloeique Flourite, Lensme Sky Blue, or Solotica Natural Quartzo.

Different Shades of Blue Contacts

We have the most diverse range of blue colored contacts. Here’s are some of our best-selling shades:

Caring for Your Blue Contacts

Caring for your blue contact lenses is important to ensure they remain in optimal condition. Moreover, it helps avoid eye infections or corneal abrasions. Here are some basic things to keep in mind while using, cleaning and storing colored contacts.

  • Use the recommended solution to clean and disinfect: Clean, rinse, and store your blue contacts using the right solution for soft contact lenses. Never use DIY solutions or water to clean contact lenses.
  • Never sleeping with your lenses: Remove your blue contacts before sleeping or taking a nap. Extended wear can reduce oxygen flow to the eyes, increasing the risk of eye infections and discomfort.
  • Avoid exposure to makeup: Hairspray, perfume, and makeup products contain oil and harsh chemicals that can potentially damage the contact lenses and harm your eye. Always put on your contact lenses on first before wearing makeup to avoid trapped makeup particles between your eye and the contact lens.
  • Maintain hygiene while using and storing lens: All blue contacts include a specialized storage case to store the lenses. Always store your blue contacts in fresh solution inside its lens case to prevent contamination and buildup of harmful microorganisms. Regularly replace the lens solution and sanitize your hands before applying or removing lenses.

Frequently Asked Question’s

You do not need a prescription for blue contact lenses to order from us. If you need vision correction, you must visit an ophthalmologist to get the correct prescription power for your blue colored contacts.

You can wear blue contacts for 8-10 hours per day or as recommended by the manufacturer.

If your blue contacts are causing discomfort remove them immediately. There might be damage on the contact lens surface or trapped debris that is causing this discomfort so take the contact lenses out, thoroughly inspect them and rinse with contact lens solution. Always consult an eye care professional if problems persist with your blue contacts.

Yes! We have a large collection of blue colored contacts all suitable for brown and dark brown eyes. Whether you’re looking for a natural subtle transformation or a dramatic bright blue color, you can choose from a large array of blue contacts in styles and opacities to get your desired effect.

Yes. At Luxe Lenses, we prioritize your eye health by offering a range of blue colored contacts from brands that meet rigorous safety standards. Brands like Solotica, Bella, Anesthesia, Amara, and Lensme are not only stylish but also adhere to strict manufacturing practices, being US FDA and CE approved.