Bella Lenses: Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Do you wish your gaze appeared more bold and vibrant? Luxe Lenses is here with a great collection of Bella Lenses that will not only transform your look but also boost your confidence. Being the favorite among celebrities like Kim Kardashian to Nadine Njeim, these delicate to complete overhaul contact lenses are perfect for achieving the desired look for any occasion. 

We believe everyone is unique, and our collection of Bella lenses can help you display that uniqueness in a beautiful and comfortable way. Let’s talk about these lenses in detail!

Discover Our Bella Lenses Collection

Our collection of Bella Lenses comprises two main types of lenses based on their usability. The 3 monthly quarterly disposable lenses or 1-day disposable daily contacts. These are as follows:

Elite Collection

Our Elite Collection Bella Lenses come in a box with two lenses. These 2 lenses have a lifespan of three months. Bella Contact Lenses offers exceptional comfort with a high percentage of water content of 38%, ensuring your eyes stay hydrated throughout the day. As per the shade availability for this collection, you can choose from a vast range of shades: Gray Olive, Wild Honey, Sandy Gray, Gray Beige, and Emerald Green, to name a few. 

Diamond Collection

Our Diamond Collection lenses also come as pairs in one box and are valid to use up to 3 months. These high quality Polymacon lenses offer you ultra comfort while also highlighting your beauty. With a 14.5 mm diameter and an 8.6 base curve, they provide a comfortable fit for a wide range of eye shapes and sizes. In terms of shade selection, you have options from Almond Gray, Allure Blonde, Gray Green, Glitter Gray, Gray Shadow, and Brown Shadow. 

One Day Color Collection

These non-prescription lenses come as 10 lenses per box, and each pair is durable for one day only. These disposable lenses make the lens wearing hassle-free without the worry of cleaning and storing them correctly. The high water content of 55% makes these Bella lenses very comfortable. This range includes five stunning shades: Ash Brown, Bluish Gray, Rosewood Gray, Pine Green, and Cedar Brown. 

How to Choose the Right Bella Lenses

Prescription and Lens Type

When choosing Bella contact lenses, consider your vision needs and lens type. Your optometrist will provide a prescription that indicates your exact vision correction requirements, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. The lens type can vary from daily disposables to monthly, or extended wear. 

Shade Selection

Bella offers a range of colored contact lenses to enhance or change your eye color. Pick a shade that complements your natural eye color and desired look. Lighter shades offer a dramatic transformation, while darker shades give a subtle yet noticeable enhancement for both light and dark eyes.

Water Content

The water content of contact lenses affects comfort and moisture retention. If you have dry eyes, opt for lenses with an appropriate water content to prevent dryness or discomfort. 

How to Care for Your Bella Lenses

  • Wash your hands with mild soap and water before handling Bella Lenses.
  • Use a high-quality multipurpose lens solution to clean, disinfect, and store your lenses.
  • Never use water or any other solution with your contacts, as this will introduce harmful microorganisms and cause infection and serious damage to your eyes.
  • Clean and replace your lens case regularly to prevent contamination.
  • Do not wear your colored contact lenses while swimming or sleeping as these lenses are not designed for extended wear.
  • Follow the guidance of your eye care professional, attend regular check-ups, and replace your Bella Lenses according to the recommended schedule for safe, comfortable, and clear vision.

Frequently Asked Question’s

You should not wear the lenses for more than 8-10 hours per day.

Yes, our Elite and Diamond collection Bella Lenses come with prescription options.

Yes, we provide international shipping worldwide and offer fast 3 to 4 day express shipping. If your order total is above $200 shipping is free!

Yes, Bella Lenses are made from hydrogel material, which is soft and suitable for sensitive eyes.

While there may be no minimum age for wearing contact lenses, we highly recommend a visit to a qualified eye care professional to have your eyes checked before you order your first pair. Your eye care professional will show you how to put on and take off the lenses and provide all the necessary safety instructions.

Yes, Bella Lenses are offered as both 3 monthly and daily colored contacts. Daily disposables are for 1 day wear and the quarterly are valid for 3 months.

Yes, Bella Lenses are FDA and CE approved and adhere to safety guidelines.

Luxe Lenses specializes in selling only authentic luxury brands of colored contact lenses since 2014.

Yes, these lenses are designed to provide UV protection, and they come with a water content from 38% to 55%, depending on the variant, to provide good moisture to your eyes.