How many hours per day can I wear contact lenses?

You can wear your color contact lenses for up to 8 hours per day.

How long can I use the lenses?

  • Colored contact lenses are offered in a range of durations, including daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly options. Choose the brand and usage duration that best aligns with your preferences, ensuring to follow the provided instructions meticulously. Adhere to the manufacturer's recommended duration for wearing the contact lenses, commencing from the date of opening the original packaging. It is essential to prioritize the specified usage guidelines for optimal comfort and eye health.
  • If you only wear the lenses on a few occasions during the three, six or twelve month time period, the lenses may last longer, but it is still recommended that they are disposed of after the period ends to avoid the risk of contracting ulcerous keratitis.
  • Lenses sealed in the blister or glass vial with saline solution have a shelf life of five years from the time of their original production date. The exact expiration date is printed on the back of the outside packaging.

Are your lenses FDA approved?

Cloeique and Solotica contact lenses all have undergone rigorous health and safety tests in the countries that they have been manufactured in. Solotica lenses have the United States FDA approval. Cloeique lenses have KFDA approval which is the Korean equivalent to the US FDA approval.

Do you have prescription lenses?

Yes. Many of our lenses are available in prescription please visit this link for details: luxelenses.com/prescription-lenses/

Do I need a prescription from a doctor to purchase prescription lenses?

Yes you will need to know your correct prescription information in order to purchase the correct lenses. We do not require to see your prescription but you are responsible to ensure that you select the correct power for your eyes as prescribed by your doctor or lens care professional.

Can I wear makeup with my contact lenses?

Yes, but you need to avoid getting makeup on your contact lenses. Always insert your contact lenses before applying eye makeup and remove contact lenses before taking off eye makeup. If you have sensitive eyes, special makeup for use with contact lenses is available. Please speak to your doctor for the best solution for you.

Is it safe to share contact lenses with others?

No. Do not share your contact lenses with anyone! Contact lenses, even if worn for cosmetic reasons, are medical devices that must only be worn under the prescription, direction or supervision of an eye care professional. Serious eye health problems may occur as a result of sharing contact lenses.

Who should NOT wear contact lenses?

You should not wear contact lenses if you:

  • Have an eye infection or inflammation (redness and swelling)
  • Have an eye disease, eye injury or dryness that interferes with contact lens wear
  • Have a systemic disease that may be affected by or impact contact lens wear
  • Have certain types of allergic conditions
  • Are using certain medications, such as some eye medications

Why some contact lenses comes in 48% water content while the other lens comes in 38%? is there a huge difference?

Different lenses come in different water content which can be between 30%-50% water content. In general, the higher the water content the more moist the lenses are and the more oxygen is allowed to pass through the eyes which results in better and more comfortable wear.

How do I know if my lenses are inside out?

There are generally three ways to tell if your contacts are inside out. First, you could place the lens on the tip of one finger such that it resembles a bowl. Check if the edges are smooth or if they flare outwards. If the latter is true, then your lens is indeed inside out. Second, you could place saline solution into the “bowl” of your lens drop by drop. If the edges start to curl inward, then the lens is in the right position. Otherwise, you’ve got it inside out. Third, you could place the lens on the crease of your palm just below your pinkie finger. Slowly, curl your fingers inward. If the edges of the lens also roll inwards, then it’s in the right position. Otherwise, it is inside out.

Why are the lenses moving so much in my eye when I blink?

If the contact lenses are moving and uncomfortable in your eye this means that the lenses are inside out. You need to remove them immediately and invert them before you put them on again.

Should I replace a lens that has a slight tear on the edge even when it doesn’t bother me at all?

You most definitely should. Regardless of whether you’re bothered by the tear or not, a damaged lens has to be replaced. For all you know, it could already be causing damage to your eyes that you just haven’t noticed yet. Where your eyes are concerned, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

I cannot decide which color to purchase can I receive a free sample to test the lens before buying?

  • Unfortunately we do not provide free samples.
  • The best advice we can offer you is to please check out our Instragram page. There you can look for pictures of real customers with a similar eye color to yours and check out their before and after pictures prior to purchasing.