Natural Colors

Explore Natural Colors by Solotica a Collection of Natural Colored Contacts at Luxe Lenses

Looking for ways to change your look or add color and sparkle to your eyes? Luxe Lenses has a large collection of the most natural colored contacts, Natural Colors by Solotica. Natural Colors are pigmented shades of colored contact lenses with a light limbal ring that blend seamlessly with your eye color to create a stunning transformation guaranteed to turn heads. Whether you’re looking for natural gray colored contacts, green colored contacts, brown or hazel colored contacts, or another unique color, we have a vast range of shades and blends to suit your need. 

Solotica lenses are renowned worldwide for their natural look and quality. They are the most popular choice of colored contacts amongst celebrities and influencers worldwide and are US FDA approved.

 Why Choose Natural Colored Solotica Natural Colors Contacts?

Need convincing? Here are our top reasons for choosing colored contacts in Natural Colors by Solotica.

A transformed look: 

Whether you’re looking to lighten your existing eye color or completely change it we have all the shades of colored contact lenses in blue, green, gray, hazel, and brown to meet your needs.


The Solotica Natural Colors collection includes a variety of natural colored contact lenses, available in both monthly and yearly options. This flexibility allows you to change your eye color on a monthly basis or for a longer duration according to your preference.


Solotica Natural Colors contact lenses are available with prescription power, providing the benefits of vision correction while enhancing your eye color.

Comfort and Safety:

Solotica Natural Colors colored contacts are designed to be comfortable and safe for your eyes and are US FDA and European CE approved.

Need Guidance for Comfortable Lens Wear? Follow the instructions below:

  • Properly wash your hands with soap and water to ensure they are clean from any potential contaminants.
  • Make sure the soap you use is free of perfumes and added oils before touching your lenses.
  • Clean your lenses with fresh contact solution and inspect it for any debris or lint before inserting it into your eye.
  • Use contact lens-safe lubricating eye drops if your eyes feel dry during lens wear.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Yes, you can get prescription natural colored contacts from Luxe Lenses. Solotica Natural Colors are available with and without prescription power. You can select your prescription from the drop-down menu after you have chosen the shade you would like to purchase.

Daily lenses are designed for single use and are discarded at the end of the day. Monthly lenses, on the other hand, are worn for approximately one month and require regular cleaning and storage. Yearly lenses can be used for 365 days and like monthly lenses need regular cleaning and extra care to ensure their safety and comfort. Daily lenses offer convenience, while monthly or yearly lenses can be more cost-effective. Solotica Natural Colors are currently available in monthly and yearly only.

Yes, we offer international shipping within 3-4 days worldwide and the best part is if your order total is over $200 shipping is free!

Due to the nature of our product we do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds. Once the seal has been breached the lenses cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason. You can find more information about it on our return policy.

Our most popular Natural Colored lenses are Solotica Natural Colors Quartzo, Natural Colors Mel and Natural Colors Ocre.