How Solotica Lenses Change Your Eye Color

1st Aug 2019

The concept of colored contact lenses is to cover the iris with a new color. Solotica contact lenses are opaque but the resulting color depends on the iris color (the pigments) they are covering. One amazing feature of colored lenses is that they never look exactly the same on one person as they do on another. So your results, just like your natural eye color, will be unique to you!

We often get emails from customers panicking that the lenses they received look wrong because they are colorless or the wrong color like yellow, orange, white or greenish when the color they ordered was gray, hazel or light blue. So here is an explanation of why the actual lens is not the final color that you want it to achieve and how the tiny pixels on your lenses work their magic to transform your eye color from brown to blue, green, hazel etc.

Have a look at the image below and you'll notice that Solotica Hidrocor Ice which is a light blue on the eyes is a light white almost colorless lens and the Solotica Hidrocor Crystal which is the lightest greenish gray is a light yellow lens. This is because the pixels that make up the lens need to combine with the pigment colors in your eye to produce a natural blended final result. It's color theory!

We have many photos to show results on different customers with different color eyes but even that is not a 100% guarantee of how the lenses will look on YOU. This is because the final result depends on many factors like your skin tone, eye color pigments, how light or dark your eyes are, and the lighting or time of day that you look at the lenses in a mirror. The pixels that make up the color of a contact lens blend with the color pigments in your eyes to produce the final result which means that no two people will have the exact same result when wearing the same color lenses.

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