Nada Fadel Nadasky Lenses - One Box Two Lenses

Nada Fadel Nadasky Lenses - One Box Two Lenses

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Nada Fadel Nadasky Sky Blue Lenses - One Box Two Lenses

1 Pair (2 lenses durable for 3 months) 

Nada Fadel Contact Lenses are created by the leading contact lens manufacturer in South Korea. Founded in 2013 Nada Color Contact Lenses use an augmented hydrogen bonding between water and the lens material to retaining the maximum amount of moisture during use. Great for those suffering from dryness and discomfort with their current lenses. The lenses are very easy to insert and guarantee protection from harmful UV light.

The durability of the lenses is 3 months after opening the package. This means that you can wear the lenses daily for up to 3 months. 

Water Content: 43%
Diameter: 14.2 mm 
Base curve: 8.6

Made in Korea

Note: The effect given by colored contact lenses will vary depending on the natural color of your eyes. Colored contact lenses can look different on different eyes. The lenses are made up of tiny pixels of color that will blend with your natural eye pigment to create a resulting color unique to you.




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