The First Ever Color Contact Lens finding AR filter

Posted by Luxe Lenses on on 2nd Jun 2020

We have collaborated with AR filter creator and beauty influencer @Sophie (aka Sophie Katirai) to create our very own FIRST OF ITS KIND contact lens color finding Instagram AR face filter! You can now try on different colored lenses on your eyes by tapping your screen while taking a selfie to find the perfect contact lens color FOR YOU! 

Can't decide which color Solotica or Cloeique lenses would suit your eyes best? You can use our Instagram filter to play around with the different colors and shades like blue, green, hazel, dark gray, or light gray colored lenses and take a selfie to share with your friends and family so they can help you pick a shade. The colors we selected for this filter are inspired by the following shades  in the order they appear:

Hidrocor Ice or Cloeique Flourite

Hidrocor Mel or Cloeique Jade

Hidrocor Ocre or Cloeique Garnet

Hidrocor Graphite or Cloeique Angelite

Hidrocor Crystal or Cloeique Aqua

Visit our Instagram page now and go to our IG filter tab. Need help finding the tab? Watch the video below or clink on this link to take you straight to our filter.