How To Tell If Your Lenses Are Inside Out

Posted by luxelenses on on 24th Jul 2018

You put your lens in and something just does not feel right? The lens is moving in your eye as you blink, your eye is tearing up more than usual, its turning pink and it just feels too uncomfortable to leave the lens in and ignore the discomfort... You need to remove the lens immediately and examine it for flaws or debris. If you find nothing there it can mean that your lenses are inside out! 

If you are new to soft contact lenses it can be very tricky to tell if your lenses are inside out just by looking at them. Lenses are very soft and delicate and may look the same on both sides so below are two tests to help you put them in correctly:

1- The U Test

Place the lens on the tip of your finger and look closely. If the lens looks more U shapes it's the right side up but if it looks more like a V shape that you need to invert it.

2- The Taco Test

Place the lens between your forefinger and thumb. Leave enough space for the contact lens edges to move and gently squeeze the lens edges towards each other. If the edges point or round outwards like the head of a vase then the lens is inside out and should be reversed. If they curve inwards then they are the right side up.

Always make sure to clean your lens with fresh solution every time you take it out of your eye and want to put it back in or store it. As you continue to wear contact lenses you will learn to recognize when they are inside out or not. But don't worry as wearing the lenses incorrectly won’t harm your eyes as long as you follow hygiene instructions and take them out gently. Questions? Email us at and we are more than happy to help!