Solotica Contact Lenses in Hidrocor, Hidrocharme & Natural

1st Dec 2015

We are still getting a lot of questions about the difference between the three styles of Solotica color contact lenses. Solotica lenses are known to be the world's most natural looking cosmetic contact lenses seen on celebrities and beauty bloggers worldwide and most people want to know which style will look the most natural on them. The answer is simple and we think this illustrations will help clarify all your uncertainties about which style you like the most and is best for you.

  • Hidrocor: Most opaque and without a limbal ring or border
  • Hidrocharme: Similar to Hidrocor in opacity but with a thick and dark limbal ring
  • Natural: Least opaque with a think grey limbal ring

All three styles of lenses by Solotica have little dots that blend with your natural eye color. This means that the color of each lens will be different on different eyes and in different lighting. Some feel that natural colors are too translucent and show too much of their dark eyes so they don't change their eye color as well as hidrocharmes and hidrocors. Hidrocharm lenses can give you an doll eye look by enlarging your iris, while hidrocor lenses are the most natural.

NOTE: One important point to remember is "bleeding" with Hidrocor lenses in certain colors like Mel, Ocre, Verde and Marine because it may look like you have a yellow or green ring around your iris. This only happens IF your iris is small. Grafite, Ice, Crystal and Quartzo don't give you this "bleeding" problem because their base color is white and blends in with your sclera (the white of the eye). The limbal ring  or dark border in natural colors and Hidrocharme lenses masks the bleeding problem. 

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