The Best Color Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes

Posted by luxelenses on on 1st Feb 2018

How to Pick The Best Color Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes? Keep Reading!

Here is a guide to help you find the best color contacts for your dark brown eyes. One of our best selling brands Solotica is known for making the most natural looking colored contact lenses in the world for dark brown eyes so we will show you some of our favorite before and after eye color transformations with colored contact lenses in this post to help you make your decision. You can finally have the light or different color eyes that you have always wanted. 

It can be a shock at first when you try your new light colored contact lenses. We get many emails from first time users feeling the lenses are too light or zombie like. This is because when you go from very dark eyes to very light eyes it takes time to get get used to the transformation, exactly like how you would feel going from dark brown hair to a platinum blonde hair color! So if you're not sure you can handle the extreme transformation we always suggest starting with slightly darker less opaque blue, gray, or green colored contact lenses and then moving to the light blue, light gray or light green contacts.

Solotica Hidrocor Cristal (Crystal)

This is one of our best selling colors and is the lightest gray in the whole Solotica collection. The Hidrocor collection is the most opaque and does not have a dark limbal ring or dark border around the lens. See the transformation before and after with the Solotica Hidrocor Cristal below. The lens itself looks like a very light yellowish pale color but when you combine the printed pixels on the lens with your own dark brown eye pigments you get a beautiful light gray result! Watch the transformation below!

Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo

This is one of our second best selling and lightest blue green color contact lens for dark brown eyes from Solotica. Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo contacts give a more bluish result in comparison to Hidrocor Crystal. It is also without a limbal ring or border since it's also from the Hidrocor collection.

Another gorgeous transformation below which you will find on our Instagram account @luxelenses

Solotica Hidrocor Ocre

If you are looking for a subtle change at first and want to lighten your dark brown eyes to a light honey hazel brown the Solotica Hidrocor Ocre is perfect for you! You will get the transformation you desire but it wont be as big of a shock as with light shades like Hidrocor Cristal or Quartzo and most people might not even know you changed your eye color and think you've always had these beautiful light brown eyes! Here is one of our favorite before and after photos of Solotica Hidrocor Ocre.

Solotica Hidrocor Mel or Cloeique Jade

Solotica Hidrocor Mel is a beautiful light green so it's one step lighter and more dramatic than the Ocre because you will be going from brown to green. Solotica Hidrocor Mel is our best seller for dark skinned beauties because it gives you a very exotic look. Another natural green colored contacts lens which is very popular at Luxe Lenses is Cloeique Jade. Wolfie Cindy or Cindy Kimberly one of Instagrams most popular exotic beauties if a fan of our Cloeique Jade contact lenses. So if you see her with green eyes in any of her photos she is definitely wearing our contact lenses! Here is a photo of her before and after transformation. She is wearing the Cloeique Jade in the photo below. Notice how natural it looks on her!

This is Cloeique Jade on Cindy Kimberly

Solotica Hidrocor Mel on Brown Eyes

This is Solotica Hidrocor Mel

Solotica Hidrocor RIO collection

The new Solotica Hidrocor Rio collection includes 4 new shades that look beautiful on dark brown eyes. The most popular shade from this collection is the Hidrocor Rio Ipanema and Copacabana. 

Solotica Ipanema