Kylie Jenner's Halloween Colored Contacts: The Real Story

Kylie Jenner's Halloween Colored Contacts: The Real Story

1st Oct 2023

When Halloween comes around, everyone eagerly anticipates the glamorous, show-stopping looks that celebrities will flaunt. But few manage to captivate audiences as consistently as Kylie Jenner does! Beyond her dramatic outfits and flawless makeup looks, one detail always stands out: her mesmerizing eyes. Her choice of colored contacts, particularly from the brands like Anesthesia, Amara, Diva, Cloeique, and Nada Fadelhas left many fans asking: "What kind of contacts does Kylie Jenner wear?" and "How do they look so real?"

Kylie Jenner's Halloween Eye Evolution

Over the years, Kylie has repeatedly worn her colored contact lenses to give her Halloween looks the final touch:

  • Halloween 2016 Christina Aguilera: Kylie's tribute to the pop icon was enhanced with the light blue of Nada Fadel Pearl lenses. She got everything from the black and blond braids to the lip piercings, to the tan and eye color down to a T.

  • Halloween 2017 Icy Angel: Maintaining a celestial charm, Kylie's winged look once again showcased these enchanting icy lenses called Bella Diamond Gray. Her spidery white lashes and pale blue pearlescent eyes were made complete with her pale blue contacts.

Halloween 2019 Playboy Bunny: For this seductive ensemble, Kylie opted for green Cloeique Jade Luxe colored contacts, which feature a distinctive dark limbal ring. The lenses gave her eyes more depth and allure in this classic sultry all-black bunny costume.

  • Halloween 2019 Ariel from The Little Mermaid: Channeling the iconic mermaid's adventurous spirit, Kylie selected the vibrant green Cloeique Jade colored lenses to complete her under-the-sea transformation.

Why Do Kylie Jenner's Contact Lenses Look So Real?

The hallmark of luxury colored contact lens brands like Anesthesia, Amara, Bella, Diva, Cloeique and Nada Fadel is is their intricate designs, composed of tiny printed pixels that create a natural print pattern that blends seamlessly with the eye color. These lenses beautifully replicate the complex pattern of a real iris. Paired with the user's natural eye color, they deliver a stunningly realistic transformation.

The Allure of the Dark Limbal Ring

Some colored contacts are accentuated by a dark limbal ring around the lens's colored portion. This ring mirrors the appearance of many natural eyes, furthering the lens's realistic appearance and granting an extra touch of sophistication and youthfulness. Here is a collection of colored contact lenses that feature a dark limbal ring.

Are Halloween Colored Contacts Safe?

As the allure of colored contacts grows each Halloween season, so does concern over their safety. Rest assured, when used responsibly and purchased from reputable stores like Luxe Lenses, Halloween colored contacts can be perfectly safe. It’s paramount to adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines. Even the finest lenses, for example, shouldn't be worn for over 10 hours consecutively. By following these guidelines, you ensure your eyes stay healthy and free from irritation.


Kylie Jenner’s eye game is legendary, setting trends and sparking widespread interest in colored contact lenses since 2014. Her consistent choice of luxury brands demonstrates the importance of quality and authenticity in achieving a natural look. Whether you're inspired by Kylie's looks or wish to craft your unique Halloween appearance, prioritize quality FDA approved contact lenses and always keep eye safety in mind. Read our blog post about contact lens safety hereShop our collection of seen on Kylie Jenner colored contacts here.