From Green to Blue: Celebrities Who Nailed the Colored Contact Trend

From Green to Blue: Celebrities Who Nailed the Colored Contact Trend

29th Apr 2024

Attracting people to your unique, colorful eyes out of sheer curiosity is like mastering the art of attention-grabbing! Alongside stylish clothing and accessories, another trend gaining momentum right now is the changing of eye color through colored contact lenses. Celebrities are leading this charge, confidently flaunting bold hues and subtle enhancements that captivate fans and ignite conversations. Colored eye contacts offer a safe and easy option to explore different looks and assume diverse personas, whether it's a dramatic transformation or a subtle adjustment. Let's delve into some notable instances of celebrities sporting colored contacts, exuding effortlessly stunning vibes!

The Charisma of Green Eye Contacts

For centuries, green eyes adorned with emerald, jade, or hazel hues have captivated people's imaginations. Those blessed with this rare eye color are often associated with traits like passion, creativity, and a penchant for the unconventional. Yet, on a global scale, only 2% of the population boasts this verdant gaze. Fortunately, the advent of green-colored contact lenses has made it possible for others to emulate this enchanting shade. From everyday individuals to celebrities, the allure of these lenses transcends boundaries, offering a chance to stand out and leave a lasting impression. Let's explore some instances of celebrities embracing green eye contacts and effortlessly stealing the spotlight.

Celebrities Rocking Green-Colored Contacts

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is among the highest-paid female artists in the entertainment industry. She is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor. Did you know Nicki Minaj often uses colored contact lenses that match her costume of the day? She's famous for her daring outfits and brilliantly colored wigs. Dark brown is the natural eye shade of this renowned celebrity, but we always see her experimenting with her eye colors in gray, green, and blue colored contact lenses.

Dua Lipa

The singer is known for her bold and colorful looks and is not afraid to experiment with green colored contacts. She's been seen rocking various shades of green, from lime green to forest green, in her music videos and social media. 

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie not only uses colored contact lenses in movies but has also been spotted wearing them on the red carpet. Although her natural eye color is a gorgeous blue, she has been spotted wearing colored contact lenses to enhance her eye color. When paired with her dark hair, green lenses look stunning.

Kim Kardashian

While Kim Kardashian is more known for rocking her natural dark eyes, she has occasionally donned hazel contacts for a change. She usually opts for a more natural-looking hazel that complements her olive skin tone.

Selena Gomez

Although her eyes are naturally brown, the actress and singer has been seen wearing green colored contacts on many occasions. Selena opts for contact lenses that accentuates her eyes and add a hint of sparkle.

Vogue of Blue Eye Shade

Despite what their name suggests, blue eyes are not genuinely blue. They are deficient in the pigment known as brown melanin, which causes light to scatter, creating the appearance of that alluring tint. Only 8-10% of individuals worldwide are endowed with this one-of-a-kind iris color, mainly from Northern and Eastern Europe. But the magnetism of blue eyes isn't limited to genetics. The trend of blue contact lenses has flooded, driven by celebrities and social media influencers. From subtle enhancements to vibrant electric blue, these lenses offer customizable transformation. Let’s discuss some celebrities flaunting blue lenses and mesmerizing everyone around.

Celebrities Flaunting Blue Hues

Kylie and Kendall Jenner

Kylie Jenner, a fashion icon, has light brown eyes. Grey and light blue contact lenses are a common sight on her. These colored contacts complement her dark hair and offer a whole new appearance to this trendsetter. While the other sister has naturally dark brown eyes but prefers wearing colored contacts. Kendall often accessorizes her almond-shaped eyes with blue contact lenses that enhance her natural beauty.

Kanye West

Like his music, the rapper's dark brown eyes have depth and soul. However, he chose a pair of piercing ice-blue lenses and a mysterious, distant gaze for a Met Gala. Nevertheless, blue contact lenses were a daring fashion decision by Kanye.

Dove Cameron

For her song "Boyfriend," the brilliant actress and singer used electric blue contacts in the music video. The vibrant shade added a touch of playful drama to her edgy, futuristic look in the video.

Amber Rose

The eye color of this celebrity varies almost as often as her fashion choices. Amber is known to switch up her color palette often. Her favorite colors to mix and match are Hazel, blue, and gray.

Cardi B

It is well known that the rapper makes daring fashion decisions, and her eyes are not an exception to this rule. She rocked various shades of blue and gray contacts, from sapphire to turquoise, often paired with dramatic makeup. 

Orlando Bloom

Do you recall the charming actor from Pirates of the Caribbean? Bloom often wears contacts to correct his vision and alter his eye color. His transition from naturally dark brown irises to captivating blue ones has been especially striking in some of his movies.

Wrapping Up

Celebs have shown how colored eye contacts can change their look, dazzling fans with cool blues and striking greens. Colored contacts let you have fun with your style, showing off your unique vibe with every blink, no matter what's trending. Whether you like mysterious green or irresistible blue, colored contacts have totally changed fashion and beauty. Why not try out Luxe Lenses' colored contact lenses to switch up your style?