Colored Contacts Move Around When I Blink?

Colored Contacts Move Around When I Blink?

24th Oct 2023

Do your colored contact lenses move around when you blink? If you've recently purchased colored contact lenses and experienced discomfort, it may be due to wearing your lenses inside out. This common mistake can lead to eye irritation, redness, and dryness. In this guide, we'll show you how to identify if your contact lens is inside out, the effects of wearing colored contacts incorrectly, and tips for comfortable and safe lens wear.

How to Tell If a Contact Lens Is Inside Out

When it comes to colored contact lenses, proper orientation is crucial for comfort and safety. Start by following these steps to check if your lens is inside out:

  1. Place the contact lens on your index finger.
  2. Inspect the shape of the lens.
  3. A correctly oriented colored contact lens has a slight natural bowl shape with edges that curve inward to fit over your cornea.
  4. If the edges appear flared outwards, or if the lens doesn't form a smooth curve, it's likely inside out.
  5. If you look closely at both sides of a colored contact lens you will notice that one side is slightly lighter. The darker side is the printed side which is meant to face outwards while the lighter side should be the inside of the contact lens.

If you're still having trouble figuring out if your contacts are inside out, try curling the lens inwards slightly like a taco as in the image above. If the lens curves smoothly inwards, it’s properly oriented! But if the lens doesn’t form a smooth curve and the edges still appear to be curling outwards, it’s definitely inside out.

Effects of Wearing Contacts Inside Out

Luckily, wearing colored contact lenses inside out typically doesn't result in serious eye damage unless it becomes a frequent occurrence. However, it can lead to temporary discomfort and various symptoms, including blurred vision, itching, redness, and dryness. This happens because an inside-out contact lens does not sit correctly on your cornea and moves around. Recognizing an inside-out contact lens is crucial to prevent more severe issues such as corneal scratches that may, in turn, lead to infections.

Tips for Comfortable Lens Wear

  • If your eyes burn or feel discomfort upon lens insertion, remove your lenses immediately.
  • Properly wash your hands with soap and water to ensure they are clean from any potential contaminants.
  • Make sure the soap you use is free of perfumes and added oils before touching your lenses.
  • Clean the lens with fresh contact solution and inspect it for any debris or lint before reinserting it into your eye.
  • Use contact lens-safe lubricating eye drops if your eyes feel dry during lens wear.
  • Be mindful of blinking less frequently while wearing contacts and make an effort to blink more often.
  • Consider using daily disposable colored contact lenses. Daily colored contacts are worn for 1 day only which reduces the risk of contamination from improper cleaning. But always remember you still need to wash your hands thoroughly before handling them!


Wearing colored contact lenses can be a fun way to change your eye color, but it's essential to ensure proper orientation for comfort and safety. By following our guide to check if your contacts are inside out and taking steps to maintain eye health, you can enjoy clear and comfortable vision without any side effects. Remember to prioritize the well-being of your eyes and take necessary precautions for a hassle-free contact lens experience.