Why Solotica Lenses are a Must-Try

Why Solotica Lenses are a Must-Try

19th Feb 2024

Established in 1949, Solotica Lenses has become a leading name in the realm of colored contacts, specializing in both prescription and non-prescription (cosmetic zero power) options. Renowned for its dedication to creating the most comfortable, safest, and natural colored contacts, Solotica Lenses stands out with its unique and revolutionary print patterns, specially crafted in Brazil to transform even the darkest eye colors. The colored contact lens brand boasts an impressive array of collections, including Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio, Natural Colors, Aquarella Quarterly, Solflex Natural Colors, and Hidrocor Monthly contact lenses, meeting diverse fashion and vision correction needs for contact lens wearers. With a strong reputation built on prioritizing eye safety, comfort, and natural looking results, Solotica Lenses is an industry leader, offering trendy patterns and a wide range of natural colored contacts for those seeking to enhance their eye color in the most visually appealing way.

Why Solotica lenses?

  • Incredible opacity and pigments for natural appearance: Solotica contacts are recognized for crafting the world’s most natural colored contact lenses. These lenses offer opaque lenses that seamlessly and effectively conceal both dark and light eye colors, delivering an undetectable and natural look.
  • Prescription and non-prescription lenses: The brand meets the requirements of people looking for vision correction as well as those who have perfect vision and just want to try different eye colors.
  • Unique pixel patterns with and without a limbal ring: Solotica stands out as one of the first colored contacts brands to offer pixel patterns that blend seamlessly with the natural eye color to create undetectable results. People who need a more defined and bold look can go for lenses with a limbal ring from the Natural Colors collection that feature a dark border around the colored portion of the iris. This dark limbal ring is known for giving the eyes a more youthful appearance.
  • Extensive color range: Are you still stuck on the basic color palette for your lenses? Well, no more! Solotica brings to you a broad spectrum of color contact lenses in various shades and patterns, including stunning options in green, blue, natural brown, gray, hazel, and other trending options.
  • Choice in Lens Duration and Comfort: Whether you need daily disposable lenses or lenses that last for one full year, Solotica has it. You can go for their colored contacts available in monthly, quarterly (3 Months), and yearly disposable options, providing both versatility and comfort.
  • A certified and safety-compliant brand: Solotica contacts are US FDA-approved and comply with health regulations, ensuring the safety of their colored contact lenses for wearers. They take pride in their collaboration with global health authorities, CE certification, and registration with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) for their quality, comfort, and safety in lenses.
  • Special Occasion Lenses: Solotica offers stunning and creative colored contact lenses suitable for special occasions such as Halloween, cosplay, weddings, or themed events. These lenses provide an opportunity for individuals to enhance their costumes or character portrayals with unique eye colors. The range of options available caters to creating dramatic, attention-grabbing looks, owing to the vibrant and bold colored lenses that look so real.

A Color Palette Like No Other: Exploring Color Range Of Solotica Lenses

Solotica Lenses is not limited to the standard color palette for colored contacts; it offers a diverse range of contact lenses that cater to a wide variety of preferences. The brand provides a selection of natural colors, including:

Moreover, it has a stunning collection of vibrant and creative color palettes that include:

  • Hidrocor: This collection features a wide range of stunning high opacity natural-looking colored contacts that can completely transform your eye color, including a variety of shades like Mel, Quartzo, Cristal, Ocre, Avela, and more.
  • Hidrocor Rio: Inspired by the colors of Rio de Janeiro, this collection of colored contacts introduces bold tropical hues to the Hidrocor range.
  • Aquarella: Aquarella features unique patterns and designs without a limbal ring in a creative blend of 4 natural colors, gray, green, blue, and brown colored contacts, giving a bold and artistic eye look.
  • Solflex Natural Color: The Solflex Natural Colors collection provides a balance between natural and vibrant colors, including gray, green, blue, honey, hazel, and brown contacts, giving wearers an undetectable naturally transformed appearance.

Celebrity Favorites: Solotica in the Spotlight

Solotica Lenses have become a spotlight-stealing accessory, favored by beauty and makeup influencers as well as celebrities from various industries. These lenses are not just a part of their makeup routines but are also trusted for their comfortable, safe, and uniquely trending patterns and colors. The widespread use of Solotica lenses by your favorite celebrities has significantly contributed to the brand's popularity and appeal. Did you know that some of your favorite celebrities are using Solotica Lenses? Here is a list of celebrities and influencers you may have spotted showcasing the unique charm of Solotica Lenses:

Kylie Jenner - Hidrocor and Natural Colors:

Renowned makeup mogul Kylie Jenner has been seen sporting Solotica lenses, in a variety shades and colors. Find out what shades she has worn in this blog post.

Paris Hilton - Hidrocor and Natural Colors:

Paris Hilton has gorgeous green eyes but is also known for her Barbie blue eye looks. She has been spotted in Solotica Hidrocor Ice and Grafite colored contact lenses on the red carpet.

Isabel Bedoya - Hidrocor:

Makeup artist and influencer Isabel Bedoya opts for the gorgeous Solotica Hidrocor Mel lenses as well as Hidrocor Grafite and Cristal in her videos.

Christen Dominique - Aquarella and Hidrocor:

Who would you trust more for beauty advice than beauty guru Christen Dominique who has been seen enhancing her look with the warm tones of Solotica lenses? Hidrocor Aquarella Sienna Lenses from Solotica, and Hidrocor Ambar to name a few. Whether attending high-profile events, sharing makeup tutorials, or engaging with her audience on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Christen Dominique confidently showcases the stunning and natural-looking effects of Solotica Lenses.


Solotica lenses are a must-try for those in pursuit of natural colored contacts that merge comfort with safety seamlessly. Esteemed for their unparalleled ability to transform dark eyes, Solotica delivers an expansive spectrum of hues and designs, catering to diverse preferences for replacement cycles, including monthly colored contacts. As an FDA-approved brand, Solotica upholds the highest standards of safety and ethical manufacturing practices. Perfect for enhancing your look on special occasions or elevating your daily aesthetic, Solotica's lenses boast a vibrant and bold color palette that is unrivaled in the industry. Discover the transformative power of Solotica's natural colored contacts and embrace a new level of eye glamour with the exclusive selection available at Luxe Lenses. Visit today and experience the magic for yourself!